Welcome to Resilient Roots,

My name is Emma and I’m an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Manager (Expertmaker, now eBay) turned Qualified Mindfulness & MBSR Teacher. I’m multilingual and although originally from Sweden, I’ve moved around a lot throughout my life and am now based in Lisbon. I help empower people to improve their mental well-being, emotional resilience, and relationship to stress by learning evidence-based mindfulness techniques. I offer the popular and scientifically backed 8-week MBSR course for both private and corporate groups, alongside classes, workshops, retreats, and 1:1 tailored sessions.

I personally found my way to meditation in 2013 and eventually to the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course when looking for an effective tool for managing stress and a busy life. Little did I know that it would not only help to make me more equipped to handle stress, but I began to view mindfulness as a foundational skill and practice. These are the roots, from which we can grow a little more stable and resilient to weather the winds of the challenges that life may bring, as well as a gateway to experience more joy, meaning, and equanimity.

As the general dialogue in many cities often centers around overwhelm, stress, busy-ness and for many, burnout, I’m excited to be teaching this skill of mindfulness that is both dear to my heart and supported by science.

Beyond the hype

I’m wary of the media’s tendency to overstate benefits and water down the terms ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation,’ so you can trust that I make sure to keep up to date with research and seek out education in trauma-sensitive mindfulness. I will say that while the potential benefits are truly compelling, mindfulness is inherently experiential – so you will just have to try and see for yourself! You might be delightfully surprised.

What am I like as a teacher? I show up with integrity, authenticity as well as compassion, and care. I’m also forever a student, continuing on the learning path to serve others better and to support my own practice and development. I’m easy going, like to be real and casual, and really enjoy supporting my students on their mindfulness journey. See course testimonials.

  • I love to learn about nervous system regulation and what role not only mindfulness, but other tools and environments play in supporting this foundational aspect of physical and mental well-being.
  • I teach both online and in-person in Europe as well as Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos). I am bi-lingual in Swedish and English, but I also speak French and some Thai. Portuguese is next!
  • In my free time, I love to spend time in nature, cook with friends, enjoy live music, and stand-up comedy.


I did my Mindfulness MBSR Teacher training and received my qualification through Mindful Academy Solterreno. In addition to my daily mindfulness practice, I receive regular supervision and attend continuing professional/personal development opportunities including week-long silent retreats with teachers such as Saki Santorelli, Bodhin Philip Woodward, and Sheena Burke.

If you have any questions about my services or a possible collaboration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!

In health,
Emma Ullvin

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