So who are the participants?

Participants in the courses and classes have so far been spread out worldwide with diverse backgrounds and personal motivations. These range from seeking chronic pain relief, stress management skills, and general increased mental and emotional well-being, to a general desire for less overwhelm or a deeper dive into an existing meditation practice, and much more.

What do they take away in the end then?
Scroll down for a selection of testimonials where previous clients share a nugget of specifically their Resilient Roots 8-week MBSR experience! For more reviews in general, check out the Facebook page by clicking here.

This course gave me the tools

I found this course very informative and engaging. I loved the way it is designed over 8 weeks and the weekly sessions with you over the course were stimulating. I found you very clear and well informed. I am very happy with the course and I will be happy to do another course with you. You are inspiring. It has been an incredible journey of learning and discovery.

The first few weeks of the course was dominated by this phrase that I knew but didn’t think apply to me. In due course I realised I didn’t know how relevant that was to my life and how urgently I needed to address it: “Waking up from automatic pilot”. It is my mantra now! I realised how powerfully this affects my daily life, making it go by without me noticing. It touches upon all aspects of my life, such as my reaction to things. This course gave me the tools to challenge my habits and try to be mindful in all strands of my life. Moreover, I feel like I have the right tools to tackle life’s challenges and stresses. Above all I learned to be kind to myself which I cherish for the rest of my life.

Selam M.

The course has delivered way beyond my expectations

The course has delivered way beyond my expectations. When it comes to mindfulness, I now can have moments during meditations where it really feels like I am living the full experience of being human (breath, body, sounds, thoughts, and emotions), and I love it. I also find that meditations really help against stress (whether it’s in the realm of conscious or subconscious). We now have a great opportunity to put it to test [referring to the COVID-19 pandemic], and I really feel a big difference before and after. Also, it has really helped me to be more accepting of myself, being able to face my emotions, and to welcome them. Overall, a very positive experience.

Maria K.

I have truly experienced a change in myself

I really want to thank you, Emma, for all your patience. I have learned a lot from you and the course and the way you have explained and listened to all of us. I am relieved by having mechanisms to deal with my emotions, and I trust it will only get better… I am sleeping incredibly well and I have more confidence in myself.  All this is allowing me to think better about what I need. I have truly experienced a change in myself during these weeks. I didn’t have high or low expectations, but it is amazing to see it. THANK YOU!!

Laura A.

The course really inspired me

The course really inspired me to be gentle and patient with others and myself. Also it gave me the opportunity to make more time in my daily life to focus on my wellbeing. This was also what I hoped to find in the course. It has offered me a tool to cope with my feelings, respond less anxious and stressed to unforeseen situations or deadlines, and I view it as an enrichment of my life. Thank you for your patient attitude. You feel very open to share my feelings and experiences with, which really helped during the course. What I also think was good is that you set the right expectations and said we could experience lots of feelings, but that we wouldn’t go into the story behind those feelings. Before I always was a little afraid that would happen if I joined a mindfulness/meditation course in a group. Thank you again!

Friede H.

I am very grateful for being exposed to these lessons

For a long time, I’ve been intrigued by and interested in meditation and the effect it has on people. This course was a great introduction for me and offered a structured approach to different aspects of meditation and mindfulness practice.

For me, the course included several very practical lessons for me to learn how to recognize unhelpful thought patterns that I can fall into both in my personal life as in my work. Learning how to recognize those, how to approach them in a non-judgmental manner, and learning how to choose a different path for my thoughts is a tremendously helpful skill. I am very grateful for being exposed to these lessons and was lucky to have Emma as a kind-hearted, intelligent and supportive guide during the process. I am looking forward to picking up classes with her in the future.

Christiaan D.

I’m better able to cope with stress

To help relieve my chronic pain, I’ve been using MBSR for about two years. I’ve taken two other courses in the past and have also been on a six-day silent retreat. I enjoyed the structure of my first course but after a few months I found that I needed a refresher. I was familiar with Emma’s drop-in meditation class and was thrilled when I had the opportunity to re-commit and join Emma’s MBSR course. Emma’s course introduced me to concrete ways of thinking about stressful situations that have helped me integrate informal MBSR practices into my daily life. Her lessons made the skills easy to remember and have increased my ability to relax into everyday tasks that used to induce stress. As a result, I’ve developed healthier habits and I’m better able to cope with stress. At first I thought that 2.5 hours was too long, but the class was fast-paced and very interesting. I tend to become uncomfortable doing group exercises, but I found Emma’s group tasks brief, to the point and non-intrusive. This MBSR course has also helped me enjoy life more. As I enjoy more I can be more productive during the day and more relaxed. If you’re on the fence about which course to take, I would recommend you invest in yourself and take the MBSR course with Emma.

Randi B.

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